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Buy SAR Cascade System in UAE

SAR Cascade System


American Airworks ISO-UN-DOT Air Cascade Systems

Buy American Airworks ISO-UN-DOT Air Cascade Systems in Dubai


Saviour Cascade Breathing System

Strong structure made from MS and can hold multiple 47 litre cylinders in a row. Can be lifted by crane. Installed on platforms for prolonged breathing durations during shutdowns, catalyst changes or inert entries. 47 Ltr / 150 bar 6/8 Cylinders duration: Minimum 12 hours.

Technical Specifications:

  • Made of strong Mild steel.
  • Long duration use-min 12 hours can be obtained.
  • Cylinder bank can be customized and optimized.
  • Removable Cylinder options help extend duration of work.
  • Filtration bypass saves cylinder air.
  • Hoses made out of TPR hence sturdy and abrasion resistant.
  • Bleed Valves for depressurization of cylinders while replacing.
  • Pig tail on Bleed Valves for protection while not in use.
  • Separate Pressure Gauges for Cylinder & System pressure.
  • Warning Whistle for low pressure alarm.
  • Sturdy and tested Pressure Reducer for safe working.
  • Easy Operation and maintenance of the system.
  • Usually supplied with Escape sets for safety and escape in emergent times.
  • Robust Pressure Gauge with Night Glow.
  • Easy to service and maintain.
  • Optional Accessories like Plant Air Inlet Connection, Electronic communication with PASS facility, Low pressure Alarm at the waist of the user can also be provided.

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